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BP4 covers an area of 11,170.00 acres. Thios area includes the town Dengkil, vilagges, indigenous reserves, Kota Warisan which is new town ship. In adddition, there Salak Tinggi station which is the heart public transport that serves as a transit to Kuala Lumpur, KLIA and KLIA2 well as an Institution of Xiamen University Malaysia which is currently under development.

There is a new city that will exist at Ampar Tenang farm known as Serenia City that covers approximately 1,500 acres. Other than that, several residential and commercial projects that have been committed will be develop around Serenenia City such as Taman Saujana KLIA, and Taman Suria Warisan. Commercial center will be develop in BP4 such as KIP Central and Kuala Lumpur International Ontime Privillage (KLIO). Overall, BP4 now become area that have lot development plan in Sepang district.


Acreage : 11,170.00 Acre

Small Block Planning (Blok Perancangan Kecil ‘BPK’)

  • BPK 4.1 : Bandar Serenia (4,010.44 Acre)
  • BPK 4.2 : Ampar Tenang (2,699.72 Acre)
  • BPK 4.3 : Pekan Dengkil (2,022.18 Acre)
  • BPK 4.4 : Timah Langat (2,347.66 Acre)