BP7 – Pinggiran KLIA 2017-04-06T17:02:17+00:00


BP7 (Pinggiran KLIA) covers an area 9,037.00 acres. It include total area of Mukim Labu. Pekan Salak is small settlement centers that have potential for development, while Labu Lanjut is focus area of settlement and Malay reserve residential in Mukim Labu. There have proposal for develop a large-scale residential and commercial which is Bandar Aerofront where adjacent to KLIA and Kuala Langat.

BP7 required development control because adjacent to KLIA, where some areas in BP7 located in Safety Public Zone – PSZ) and Zone Noise 60 dBA.


Acreage : 9,037.00 Acre

Small Block Planning (Blok Perancangan Kecil ‘BPK’)

  • BPK 7.1 : Bandar Aerofront (2,398.21 Acre)
  • BPK 7.2 : Labu Lanjut (3,434.78 Acre)
  • BPK 7.3 : Putra Prima (3,204.01 Acre)