Local Plan 2025 : Sepang Municipal Council 2018-10-02T08:21:07+00:00


Local Plan (LP) is a map written statement supported by implementation guidelines that explain in more detail the proposals Local Authority for development and land use to translate and refine the strategic policies Structure Plan, as under the provisions of sections 12-16 of Act 172.

Accordingly, the Local Plan MPSepang 2025 is provided to replace the previous development plan the Local Plan Sepang Municipal Council (Composition 1) 2020 and the Local Plan Sepang Municipal Council (Composition 2) 2020 to meet the needs and requirements of current and future, especially involving new developments, maintenance Environmentally Sensitive areas (ESA) and the provision of facilities and infrastructure in line with population growth and other factors that influence.

Sepang BP1-Pinggiran Putrajaya BP2-Cyberjaya BP3-Sungai Merab BP4-Ampar Tenang BP5-Salak Tinggi BP6-KLIA BP7-Pinggiran KLIA BP8-Sungai Pelek