Saujana KLIA City 2017-03-05T17:39:11+00:00

Video by MPSepang’s Drone Squad


Saujana KLIA City located in Sepang district which under Sepang Municipal Council administration  which in the area of ​​international standard facilities and affordable.  Naturally Saujana KLIA is a very wise investment. Located near the KLIA 1 & 2, Sepang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and this location close to the focus of the world as well as a location close to the main highway link: ELITE, LDP, PLUS, and MEX2 SKVE which will be ready Saujana KLIA indeed facilitate communication with local amenities. Saujana KLIA carefully designed and offers only the best for those who are wise in evaluating perfection in life.